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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  July 14, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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personal with another planet, 51 years ago today. >> dallas the dow is having a g, everyday is a close record. your world is next, here comes sanders smith. >> is pence the pick? and will it give trump a bump, i am sandra smith, this is your world. although that has not confirmed of mike pence. meanwhile whi meanwhile clinton continues to see her polls slide. >> more on that in just a moment. first, blake in cleveland with the latest buzz on trump's vp.
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what do you know, blake? >> reporter: yeah, hi there sandra and good afternoon here from cleveland. multiple news outlets around the country including the indianapolis stars and governor mike pence have reporting, the current governor of indiana. however, as you mentioned, nothing official at this moment from trump and staffs. he just wrapped up a national indicated radio interview with micha michael salvidge. a decision has not been reached at the moment as well. >> so this is either a one of two things, either trying to keep the suspense between now and tomorrow morning when trump rolling out his vice president nominee or a high level of last
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minute by trump in his campaign, we'll see tomorrow morning. in the meantime, the rules committee had been meeting and this is the last effort from those so called never trump republicans trying to stop him from gaining the nomination. their basic strategy here without getting too much into the week is they are trying to make sure that at the convention next week that all of the delegates would be able to vote to unbind themselves setting up a convention for a fight. that decision of that vote had not yet been made here. in speaking with trump's c campaign manager today and folks here at the rnc, they are confident today this afternoon. they do not have the numbers they need. blake, thank you. new york republican congressman, chris colins, congressm congressman, good of you to join us this afternoon. >> sandra, good to be with you. >> all right, what do you make?
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is pence the guy? is this the right fit for trump? >> i am very much of a pence supporter. america got to look at pence and seeing what kind of president he will be with donald trump. now, this vice presidential nominee is going to signal to america what a great president. as people say wow, he's surrounding himself o f the best and brightest, boy, does this make sense? he's got good judgment, i think sandra, a key issue here besides being and i am hopeful it is pence. who he picks is going to signal to america of some what of the kind of president he will be, i think it is going to add credibility and more momentum to the trump's presidency as we enter to the convention and lea leading it with the excitement and everything is positive of this convention, you will see trump surges and continues.
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>> will this help him? >> well, lets face it. governor pence is a conservative individual, he's in congress and he had a lot of ties in congress. the conservative wing of the republican party and the republican conference here. a governor, chief executive if you will in indiana, he cuts taxes and he's very conservative. his credential and also lets face it in a case of a terrible tragedy, the vp got to step in and become a president. you are looking at someone here if it is pence as a governor has been living that executive life. his credential is solid as an executive. if you remember congress, and part of leadership, trump wants somebody who can help carry his agenda forward and governor mike
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pence was part of that. >> you were the first to endorse donald trump and many of your colleagues as we have seen have been reluctant to support him and slow to come around. what will do you make of this last minute anti-trump effort that we are seeing just days before we head to the convention. >> it is a distraction that's all that is. i hold a weekly meeting with trump's campaign folks and the members of congress that have been long time supporters to trump. we talked through today, we are confident if the worse can happen out of the rules committee hit a boat on monday, it will go down soundly, they make it 20 or 30 votes. it is not a threat to donald trump being nominated. it is a little bit of a noise in the wind and a little bit of a distraction. you got reince priebus supporting trump. >> you are chosen at the speaker
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convention next week. on the list of speakers, tim tebow is one of them, what are you going say? >> i am hope thing that i will speaking about jobs, speaking about jobs and western new york devastated by nasa and the neat to defeat the trans partnership, i am hoping that my message is a jobs messag job message. we are working with details with the campaign. >> thank you for joining. >> donald trump will be granted of a special guest, tonight "on the record" at 7:00 p.m. eastern, you will want to check it out. now to the clinton campaign and the fbi director is on the hot seat tonight over clinton's e-mails. >> if someone were to kick out and applying a job under the fbi of your leadership, would they
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be hired? >> it will be a significant feature of interview though. >> if they got a security violation of the nature of what secretary clinton did >> i cannot answer that as a hypothetical, it will bae significant feature, i cannot say whether they would not get an interview or not. lawmakers asking that question in just a minute. hello catherine. >> he find himself answering for questions of clinton's e-mails and how classified information jumps a gap between classified computer networks and clinton's un unsecured server. >> but to be clear it was just a portion that was march rched ant just the documents. >> was it allowed of transmitting confidential
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information? >> top secret information. >> exactly. >> clinton and her aids were discussing information by e-mai e-mails. some of the e-mails -- those exchanging information of human spies like gossip and the fbi director clarifying a party of nearly five hours testimonies. he's fighting secretary clinton violated the record. >> you are asked if you thought secretary clinton comply with the department of record act. your first answer was i don't think so. at least in some respects no. >> i screwed that up. i thought i was answering questions with respect to the department of states policies on the use of systems. >> did you consider prosecuting her for violating the record
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act? >> did i consider that? no. the fbi confirmed in this letter of the judicial committee, this is just further evidence that what the fbi was engaged in was a criminal investigation and never a security review or security inquiry as clinton and her team maintained. >> sandra. >> catherine, thank you. now to arizona, march mcfallon, were you sacrififieds the director's response. >> no, i am not. i am familiar with our protocols and the grave danger released of reckless use of classified information up to top secret and special access program, this is
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grave danger to national security by definition if it is mishandled. >> the agency congressman sworn secrecy, how unusual is this? >> it is very unusual. i realized there are concerns making sure they can do their investigation. i was focused on having kbeen i the military and managing this system and talk about the staff all the way up to the top tch. they would have administrative and security repercussions. comey said that himself. none of them should have security clearances. they should have been yanked right away. i mean they would be done. there is serious implications to how they were actually typing in new classified e-mails from scratch. the system don't talk to each other. >> it appears that the more
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questions we ask, the more we don't know. as outsiders looking in -- i mean, it just seems like we are left wondering more and the more we hear them testify, the more we don't know. >> well, i really want to know each of those staffers that were on all of those 110 classified e-mails that were classified at the time, everybody that was on the e-mail, what's going on with them. do they still have clearances? do they still have jobs? what sort of sanctions are happening to them? also, especially when we are talking about human intelligence? what is going on with those names? do we have sources that now disappeared and some of the countries that we work with them? what are the ramifications security wise to these individuals. >> congressman, you said you don't want to dwell on this too much? you said it was very unusual that these agents sworn to secrecy and subject to lie
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secrecy tests. this is unusual and i have never heard of such a form expressing their disappointments of all this and leading to things that work here. this one fbi agent who said this is going to have a chilling effect. what does that agent mean by that? >> well, i am not sure what he meant by that but it is unprecedented for sure to have a lie detector test. we reserve that in the security system for those that's going to get access to human intelligence. we care deeply about violating sources of operatives, cia operatives and of other countries we are working with. and yet we have these staff members who is -- this position is unknown and talking about this stuff on unclassified and unsecured. >> where does this go politically? >> it is hard to tell. the american people really need to be asking difficult questions, tough questions about who we can trust and classified
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information. there are still more answers to be provided for us. congresswoman, it thank you for joining us. >> yeah. more records are coming today of wall street. the dow is hitting an all time high, this is a third straight day of records by strong bank earnings and still coming this week jumping of 130 points a day and now of 1500 points. can you believe this? from 20,000, remember it was a big deal when it was 10,000 or 15,000? we are talking about we are animal 1500 points away from 20,000 of the s&p and the nasdaq finished higher today. clinton is falling in a new poll new tied with trump. our next guest is tieing to her e-mail probe was handled. next.
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the presumptive nominee in a dead heat right before the convention heat up. a new national poll showing c n clinton's falling but now is tied with trump. >> frank, it looks like it is starting to hurt her in these polls. >> well, it is always the question. tl american people more than anything want integrity in the next president and they want th authenicity. even though she was not indicted and her reactions, the reaction was something is seriously wrong here. it takes time for this to show in the polls. it is right now and it is significant. >> okay, what about the trust
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worthy number on trump's side. he's not exactly failing through on that either. >> they are dpoioing a comparis. there is a big difference of someone being in washington for a quarter of a century and they don't have the face and confidence in here. they don't as well with trump. they evaluate a businessman difficultly than a politician. a challenge for her is she reached for the tell prompt prompter -- voters think there is something that she's hiding. >> tr they're doing this comparison right now and it is not good news for her campaign. >> 70% responded that they thought she did something wrong at the very least. >> that's significant. that means that a majority of
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democrats who think there is an issue here. that's a big deal. it is one of the reasons why the bernie sanders voters, they even more than the trump voters wanted hillary clinton indicted. this is not going to go away, the investigation continues. in the end, among swing voters who don't decide on the issues of policy, integrity matters most. they saw what the fbi director has said and they decided that there is something wrong here. >> also, the attack ads and the verbal language that we are expected to see and heading into the general and what is that going to look like? >> it is going to be awful. it is going to be the most negative campaign ever. for about 75% of americans, you will be wondering of what's going on in the campaign. you have 25% of florida and ohio and pennsylvania and virginia and colorado, iowa and new hampshire and north carolina. in those states it is going to
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be an ad almost every 15 minutes and as you are getting into september or october, you will be seeing two or three ads every 15 minutes and each one is nastier than others. >> 50% say she's prepared and 30% said about the same of donald trump. that's trump's weakness. he has proven that he will change washington and he has to prove that he knows how to do it and fire the aircraft and knows how to change the political process and he has and they know he's got the strength to do it and the commitment, does he know the details which is why this election of mike pence is so important. pence understands the political process, he's got it done as governor and he did it at the conference committee chair for house of republicans. a very smart pick based on the new york times polls number. >> you are telling me there is
1:21 pm
still a long way to go, right? >> either candidate can win. hillary clinton still has a slight advantage. donald trump, is anyone's ball game and the debate this year will matter more than any time than 1960s. frank, thank you. >> thank you. >> all right, what cleveland is doing right now to make sure we don't get scenes like this at the republican national convention.
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some saying it could have a chilling effect on ages going forward. >> to jim hanson from the center of security of policy.
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jim, this is pretty suerious stuff. >> absolutely, no doubt. when you are dealing with compartment a compartments and intelligence, that may not be surprising. what's ironic is this is a reminder to those professionals that they should statake extra e of classified information that they will be exposed to in this investigation. hillary clinton and her staff spewed classified information over the internet with no care for national security. what's that? >> former fbi agent is are speaking out how unusual it is. we have never seen a form like this or a document, many of them are expressing their disappointments in various reportin reporting. >> the acknowledgment shows how important the investigation was and how dangerous of the exposure the information was.
1:26 pm
this was a counter intelligence investigation. not a security sweep or anything else. they knew there was danger in our national secrets towards our enemy. >> hillary clinton always calling this a security review when it is an fbi investigation and it hammers on that point. what effect does this have? we have a chilling effect on agents going forward. what is your take on that? >> i think it has an angrying effect on agents as they look at what it is done. this is a political white-wash from the start, it was rigged and they did not look at the most dangerous things she had done and gave the opportunity to clear her. what they have now is a bunch of people who may end up getting information out that shows what actually happened and how dangerous it was. >> once they signed forms, they
1:27 pm
were subjected to lie detector tests. >> the dangerous thing and the sad thing is they did not do this and shows the consequences that hillary and her crew gave information to anyone with an eighth grade knowledge of online hacking. the wrong people are being looked at and shoving the door. >> this is not over. >> oh no. >> i don't think at this point that a, the state department has not dotted all their i's and crossed their t's. i am sure they'll clear her. too many people know how bad it was. >> james comey was seen as a fair guy and following this, how do you view him? >> he's blown what's a stellar reputation by coming the guy who
1:28 pm
was the whitewasher of this investigation. he puts his stamp of approval on it, for a guy who had a great career, this is no way to finish it. >> jim hanson. >> great to be here sandra. >> are we going to see more at the republican convention? some of the warnings. >> and you be the judge. has the damage already been done by justice ginsberg's comment? squuuuack, let's feed him let's feto the sharks!sharks! yay! and take all of his gold! and take all of his gold! ya! and hide it from the crew! ya...?
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cleveland protests. ahead of the gop polling. we'll get ahead of what's going down.
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1:33 pm
on the hill of the cavaliers big win and with the convention in town, this is a chance to show it to the rest of the world. the catch is, it all has to go well. >> we as a city are not afraid of these challenges, afraid of the risks that's associate with the challenges. it comes as part of winning the game. >> now, the city gets a $50 million to host the convention and the city leaders showed off some of the resources coming into play with that grant of helicopter unit and canine unit and they have purchased some 2,000 sets of riot gears and baton and clearly, they are anticipating the potential of some kind of trouble. i want to show you something out here. if you look down the manhole in the utility coverage of these seals have been covered. that tells you someone popping it open. if you look behind me, these steel barriers are going up aup
1:34 pm
a all around the city. if you look here on st. clair street, these steel barriers are stacking up. obviously, this is to control the people. >> the question is how well will you hand it of this event this big. >> all right, mike toven. thank you very much for that. >> thank you very much for that. >> all the preparations that's going on right now keeping everybody safe. you worked with these conventions before. what is this task like? >> oh, the truth event that the secret service and i don't want to say fear most or causing most anxiety. our presidential inaugurations and party conventions. think about this. the standard advance, right, you have to drop an a to z plan for meth medical and explosives and
1:35 pm
fires and all of that and layer on top of a potential of a large protest. >> on this program earlier this week, he's the president of cleveland police control association, while he says he and his guys are going to do the best that they can of what they have. he was concerned and he voiced a lot of concerns of not getting the right gear and the bikes in time and some of them were ordered too late and the hiring and training of cop havs have b insufficient of this. are you hearing anything along that front? >> i am. i wish i were not. i worked at the convention in new york city, having been new york city's police officer, they have the advantage and have 30,000 cops that are skilled and they do it all the time. they know their jobs as well. the reality is not that many
1:36 pm
people live there as many that's living in new york city have to deal with it on the scale of nypd did. he has no reason to be misleading us. yeah, that's a area of concern, no question. >> i will remind everybody that ohio has an open carry law as well. you wonder how that's going to play out when we saw in the primary. a lot of violent protests at some of these trump rallies. >> i am a big supporter of the second amendment. this is not the place to do it. just because we can do something, does not necessarily mean that we should. i support the law, i don't think it is the best place to doit. it makes it more difficult to discriminate the good guys and the bad guys. >> of course, secret service is not going to allow anybody to carry into the actual venue, you start to wonder about the outside unsecured area and the surrounding areas.
1:37 pm
i want to go back to jeh johnson of the homeland security secretary, the process of demonstrations could get out of hand. that's his big concern. how do you adequately prevent those from getting out of hands. once that happens, it is going to be hard to regain control. >> it is very hard. sandra, one of the things i have not seen reported a lot in the media, the reason these protests are getting organized so quickly is that i was a secret agent before facebook and twitter, it was difficult to organize and if y you did not have the information and now you put it on twitter and facebook and 5,000 people showed up. nypd does it very well, they use horses and mopeds. it is not easy. it is very difficult to control once it starts. >> mike toven gave us the number, we know there will be
1:38 pm
3,000 homeland security at the rnc and border protection and transportation security and officials. i mean you just think of what goes into preparing for r the worst case scenario which is what we heard from the director, joe similar clam jose joseph clanmsey. >> i cannot imagine what that task is like. >> we use todd say d to say to at night when they would laugh at us covering all the bases. well, that's what we get paid to do. we get paid to worry so you guys can sleep at night so the secret service does not have an apgs from a to b, its got to be a thoroughly and complete plan. the idea of a soft target is a hard target and keeping them up at night tonight. >> we hope for a safe,
1:39 pm
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and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. hillary clinton campaigning today with possible vp pick virginia, senator tim kaine. this shows her tied with donald trump after a six point lead just last month. are donors concerned of this drop? so being neck and neck with donald trump, does it help or hurt hillary clinton? >> well, it is obviously not a good thing for your campaign to be neck and neck with donald trump particularly with the bad week we had. these polls are all over the place. i think one of the scary thing of hillary clinton is that not
1:44 pm
that she's neck and neck witrum she's under 40%, i believe, right? that's what these numbers a are -- can you give me the numbers again? >> what are you learning of hillary clinton's ability to raise money? >> that'll not be affected. as a matter of feedbaact, i thi will help her and she will be double down. >> her big donors are some of your wall street buddies. >> they're given. >> yeah. >> they don't want donald to win. you got to look at it this way. >> think about when donors pull back. i can just go by what i covered inside the path. in 2008 when it was mccain and obama when this financial crisis
1:45 pm
hit, it was obvious that the economy is going to go in a recession and they're going to be targeted by that. >> donors and wall street everywhere else pulled back dramatically. we don't have that right now. that was reflected from the polls. >> you are talking about -- >> when you have a dead heat, you have the ability to raise more money because you are going to tell your people we have to beat. >> you are talking about hillary clinton of 40%. this is in the new york times cbs polls. >> that's a huge change where it was a month ago. >> so you are saying that could be a good thing as far as raising money and her big donors and well, we got to step it up. >> well, it could do that. >> it helps donald, too. >> talking the donald trump fundraisers and i have been critical about him and i have written stories that's reflecting him and he was not raising that much money. when you got that close of a
1:46 pm
race and the in incumbent under 50, that's amazing. if donald zdoes a couple of things, and does not show of his crazy town. >> and don't forget about his vp pick. >> does that help donald trump? >> it is 99% show if he does a yu u-turn the last minute. >> we cannot be sure now. >> if he goes with pence who's a guy that's most republicans filling comfortable with and donors feeling comfortable, that'll help his fundraiser even more. >> this is good stuff for donald. >>less talk about this donald trump's fundraisers in los angeles and bellaire and including some of our big wall street. former dodgers' owner, he will be present and tickets.
1:47 pm
>> that's the maximum money could give to a pact of $449,000 per person. >> i hear he's doing well. he's toned down the crazy town so to speak. he's done better and his polls are up, he's done even better. >> i cannot tell you what's going to go in the future. that's one of the wild cards with donnald. we would go a long way to show conference in him that he put together a professional campaign by hiring a guy that takes the campaign insanity down a notch. what i think people are saying that, pence's inner self crazier than donald, i don't know the man well >> all right, charlie, it is always good to get your insights. >> okay. >> good to have you. >> see you in cleveland. >> all right, just as ginsburg
1:48 pm
is walking back on her comments about trump. is it too little, too late? we'll decide this, next.
1:49 pm
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg backtracking on some of her comments about donald trump, saying in a statement earlier today, on reflection, my recent remarks in response to press inquiries were ill advised and i regret making them. judges should avoid commenting
1:52 pm
on a candidate for public office. in the future, i will be more circumspect. all right, brad, i'll give this one to you first. >> look, to use some legalese, it was an excited utterance, a statement against her interest. as a justice, she is bound by a code of ethics morally, even if it's not as a matter of rule in law. the fact is, the lower court judges might have been not only rebuked but maybe removed for these comments, because they are under obligation not to make political comments. she knows better, and the fact is, she was rebuked by the left and the right. >> her statement though, is acknowledging that maybe she overstepped her boundaries, says christy? >> yeah, she's apologized. she's human. i think she's allowed maybe one
1:53 pm
hot-headed comment. >> she's a supreme court justice, she's not one of us! >> i do believe it's awfully rich for donald trump to talk about somebody making inappropriate comments. it's a clear sign that he's gone too far when he called for her to resign, several republican senators were asked if they backed him on that and they said no. orrin hatch said she's reached the age where she can say what she wants. >> brad, donald trump in his statements on this has suggested she shouldn't even be able to sit in her job anymore, especially if he's elected president. >> i think that's very true, because her bias has shown through most clearly in her comment. >> but brad, do we know the political standings of everyone who sits on the bench? >> yeah, but once you put that robe on, you've made a choice,
1:54 pm
and that choice is this -- you're a lifetime appointee. the only way we get rid of you is by removal. and she knows that's not going to happen. >> donald trump can say whatever he wants and guess what? we're the final arbiter whether or not we agree with him. >> i have to tell you, moments in donald trump's campaign, moments like these tend to help him. >> yeah, maybe they do. but remember the last time he seemed to make a comment about a judge, a lot of people turned against him, because it seemed he had gone too far by saying the judge's mexican heritage should be held against him. >> this is completely different. this was a supreme court justice that made a comment about donald trump first. >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> sure, but it seems he has a lot to say about judges and whether or not they should resign for things that maybe the rest of us don't think they should. >> brad, can she still fairly
1:55 pm
serve in the court, particularly if donald trump is elected in the >> she's not going anywhere if donald trump is elected president, because she's not going to give him the power to have a new justice replace her. so the fact of the matter is, as long as she's a lifetime appointee and she decides to stay there, we're stuck with her. >> he's threatened to leave the country if donald trump is elected president. >> look, i'll buy her the ticket. >> christy? >> you know, come on, this is going to blow over by tomorrow. i think we all know she's a sound legal mind and isn't going anywhere, and i think unfortunately, we've all become used to donald trump saying outrageous things. >> brad, does this open the door to more political comments like this, outspoken political comments by other justices? >> i think she's put a chill on that. and if any justice speaks up, i think they do it at their peril,
1:56 pm
because they've seen the kind of backlash that happened with her comments. >> brad, christy, thank you. the gop kicking off its convention in cleveland next week. what we've got in store for you, next.
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1:59 pm
the countdown to cleveland is on. join us as we begin our special coverage of the gop convention. starting this saturday with stuart varney and a live cost of freedom at 10:00 a.m. then as donald trump gets ready to accept the republican nomination, our coverage continues all week at 4:00 p.m. dr. ben carson, former governor mike huckabee, former governor rick perry and many more joining us live from cleveland right here on the fox news channel.
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you do not want to miss it. and my show at noon will be live all week from the convention, as well. do not miss any of that coverage, so join us right here on the fox news channel. that's it for "your world." i'm sandra smith. "the five" is next. hello everyone, i'm kimberly guilfoyle. with juan williams, eric boling, dana perino, and greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ >> we are 18 hours away from donald trump's long-awaited running mate announcement. we will know for sure at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. but all signs point to indiana governor mike pence. we hear the governor is prepared to drop out of his race for re-election. trump said today he hasn't made a decision yet, so who knows? anything can happen. the presumptive nominee has been seriously considering newt gingrich.
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